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1052 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL, 60607
United States


Morlen Sinoway is a Multi-disciplined Design Studio that represents over 40 brands for residential and contract design projects, offers interior design services for residential and commercial projects, and have a showroom featuring unique accessories and floor samples to show the quality of the brands we represent.


Amura is one of the brands carried by Morlen Sinoway Atelier based in Chicago's Fulton Market.


Amura offers a unique product of lounge furniture and lighting that is anything but standardized. All pieces are high in design value. The collection was renamed from Contempo Italia to Amura in 2015. Great for customers who are not prone to trends and fashion, but love to furnish their spaces with their own personal, refined taste.

The collection is suitable for home, commercial, hospitality, or office use.


AMURA Product catalog