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1052 W Fulton Market
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Morlen Sinoway is a Multi-disciplined Design Studio that represents over 40 brands for residential and contract design projects, offers interior design services for residential and commercial projects, and have a showroom featuring unique accessories and floor samples to show the quality of the brands we represent.


Our Atelier contains a melange of goods inspired by our curiosity and travels. The uniqueness of our treasures come from the handmade and limited production designs of the artisans and designers we feature. Whether it's around the corner or around the world, the showroom is a destination for well-designed gifts and accessories. Are you intrigued? We are open 6 days a week for you to browse and enjoy.

Roros - Lynild in red & blue

Sinoway_Lynild 1452 Red.Blue Roros.png
Sinoway_roros tweed Lynild.jpg
Sinoway_Lynild 1452 Red.Blue Roros.png
Sinoway_roros tweed Lynild.jpg

Roros - Lynild in red & blue


Røros Tweed has been weaving high quality wool products since 1940, building on a local tradition that goes back centuries. These throw blankets are a great weight for use year round on the bed or on the sofa. Size: 47" x 70".

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