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Morlen Sinoway is a Multi-disciplined Design Studio that represents over 60 brands for residential and contract design projects, offers interior design services for residential and commercial projects, and have a showroom featuring unique accessories and floor samples to show the quality of the brands we represent.

Collection Particuliere

Morlen Sinoway is Chicago's premiere Retailer for Collection Particuliere.


This French collection of objects and small furniture pieces that are simple, yet complex. Unparalleled craftsmanship can be seen in the detailing of each piece. One thing is for sure - you won't see these coming and going. This collection of decorative objects and furniture is perfect for hospitality, contract, and residential use. These will set your space apart.

Please read this note from the designer - 

Far beyond its function, every object tells a story as well as it is the beginning of a story with the one who chooses it. Its design and the materials that gave birth to it, the shapes it might call to mind are the many expressions allowing it to exist, to seduce and to last. The reasons why one will adopt it are as varied as intimate, so that it can turn into an object of company, an object of affection or belonging, cult object or object of curiosity. Because not a single object is to be reduced to its first use. Far beyond its function, it is a true part of the decor, its ambassador, and sometimes its signature.

Because the true heart of Collection Particulière, the reason why it exists is the great love of objects : objects to store, expose, sit or just set up. A collection born with the urge to give back its letters patent to pieces that sometimes became generic or outmoded through the times, such as a fruit bowl, a tidy, a stool, a bench or a candle holder. Daily life objects, but a life where every single piece of furniture and every day object are considered to be a sculpture, a piece with a true statement, sometimes impressive… A piece that does not immediately show its true nature.

Most of the pieces composing Collection Particulière meant many technical challenges : manufacturing process, shaping or assembling. Of course, this complexity has never been an aim, but it might testify of a wish to drive the material into a corner, to literally face it and sculpt it. The range of materials is pretty short and was obvious since the very beginning : wood, marble, leather, brass and ceramic. Noble materials indeed, but, above all, material chosen because of their character and, mainly, their ability to age with elegance and with a subtle patina. No temptation to unerringly follow the trend of the moment, but a true will not to choose between the radicality of industrial design, allegiance to fine arts and, here and there, a soft wink to gymnastics apparatus. What really matters here is the idea of motion : the stroke of the designer’s pen, the stroke of the maker’s hand and, ultimately, the way its owner will hold the piece and use it to make it his.

Jérôme Aumont