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1052 West Fulton Market
Chicago, IL, 60607
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Morlen Sinoway is a Multi-disciplined Design Studio that represents over 60 brands for residential and contract design projects, offers interior design services for residential and commercial projects, and have a showroom featuring unique accessories and floor samples to show the quality of the brands we represent.


Morlen Sinoway is Chicago's premiere Retailer of over 40 Brands of contemporary furniture, contract lighting, unique home accessories, and custom area rugs.


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The Guerrillas are coming to NeoCon - all day on June 14th

Lori Nguyen

A satellite version of the ultra popular emerging design event produced by Morlen Sinoway which ran in Chicago’s Fulton Market for 10 years will be featured on the South Drive of The Mart all day on Tuesday, June 14.  Morlen Sinoway will curate a selection of 10 up-and-comers showcasing prototype work and objects of design in the back of box trucks. 

Independent designers and organizational participants include:

 University of Illinois at Chicago

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

 Columbia College


 Tanner Bowman, Katie Chung, and Jennifer Kaplan

 Goodland Studio

 Parsons & Charlesworth

 Steven Haulenbeek

 Stephen Gulau

Joel Klaff/Workroom Couture Home

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Chicago

The Guerrilla Truck Show will be a highlight of the Tuesday night HiP Celebration event on the South Drive from 5-7pm.

Supported by: Gensler and Skender

Event design provided by AIGA in collaboration with Leo Burnett Department of Design, Multiple, ogilvy485, Someoddpilot, and Trunk Club