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1052 West Fulton Market
Chicago, IL, 60607
United States


Morlen Sinoway is a Multi-disciplined Design Studio that represents over 60 brands for residential and contract design projects, offers interior design services for residential and commercial projects, and have a showroom featuring unique accessories and floor samples to show the quality of the brands we represent.


Alki Furniture is one of the brands carried by Morlen Sinoway Atelier based in Chicago's Fulton Market.


In 2010, Prostoria began manufacturing a small collection of furniture in Croatia. Intent on producing furniture that was mean for long-term use, made of durable materials and perfect for both the private and contract market. The designs are a blend of form, function, and comfort all at a an affordable price point. Beautiful modular sofas and lounge seating make of the majority of the collection.

The collection is suitable for home, commercial, hospitality, or office use.


PROSTORIA Product catalog